Essens Beauty & Sun Care

Premium quality, long-lasting makeup stays in perfect condition throughout the day and ensures an attractive look. All products combine sophisticated manufacturing technology and high coverage capacity, in modern shades. The cosmetics are packed in elegant boxes, paraben-free and are also dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.

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To highlight the natural beauty of women, ESSENS introduced a new range of cosmetics in early 2018 – ESSENS Beauty.

This range of products consists of a makeup that perfectly covers the irregularities of the skin and unifies the tone. Matte powder with SPF 15 protects the perfect image and promotes longer-lasting makeup. The mask maximizes lash volume, the eye-catching eyeliner, and eyebrow pencil accentuate the eyes. Cream or matte lipstick provides pretty lips, and in conjunction with lipstick, the lip line is perfectly contoured and prevents smudging. Nails painted with high-quality nail polish add femininity and increase attractiveness.

• Revolutionary concept for protection against UV
• UV-PEARLS® are the sunglasses for your skin!
• A patent from a German science and technology company operating in the field of pharmaceuticals, natural sciences
and materials for advanced technology
• Organic UV filters are locked in micro-capsules, they are a unique, micro-encapsulation of sunscreen in silica glass pearls
• Encapsulated UV filters remain on the skin surface, which guarantees a high UV protection, the sunscreen does not come
into direct contact with the skin meaning, they are optimal for those with sensitive skin, the skin is soft after use, not greasy
• A unique oligosaccharide of plant origin from the seaweed laminaria digitata
• Premium product from a French company specializing in biotechnology and active substances from sea environments
• Helps stimulate tanning while protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the sun
• Promotes the production of the skin pigment melanin, enhancing UV protection
• Contains manganese and magnesium ions, which have antioxidant effects

• Gentle and moisturizing hand creams effectively nourish and protect dry and damaged skin, care for
nail beds and restore their elasticity
• They are suitable for everyday use and for all skin types
• They provide intense hydration and protect it from drying out, cracking and the effects of adverse external influences for the whole day
• Glycerin which, in addition to possessing fantastic hydrating properties, has been shown to have a very
positive effect on skin cells, furthermore, it creates a protective barrier on the skin surface
• Patented PENTAVITIN® provides instant deep hydration, which is released for up to 72 hours and strengthens
the skin`s protective function
• Tocopheryl is a form of vitamin E and it acts as an antioxidant, slows the scaling of the skin and prevents
it’s aging, which is manifested by pigment spots, wrinkles, and loss of strength
• Shea butter perfectly hydrates and prevents premature aging of the skin
• Creams are easy to apply, absorbed quickly and do not leave a greasy feeling


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