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The highly concentrated composition of ESSENS Home Clean products brings many benefits.
Financial savings – the concentrates are diluted with water according to the recommended dosage,
for a long period of time no additional costs are needed for the purchase of detergents. Storage
saving – square-liter bottles for easy storage and practical dilution bottles for simple applications
save not only storage space but also reduce storage weight. Environmentally friendly – not only
biodegradability but also less plastic packaging, as well as lower transport frequencies, significantly
reduce the impact on the environment.
Although concentrates are very practical, they are not suitable for all detergents. That‘s why
our assortment also includes products suitable for immediate use with no need to dilute. These
products have been labeled with a sign “ready to use” for ease of reference. Likewise, this sign
is also visible on dilution bottle labels, designed for individual sale.
ESSENS Home Clean products are biodegradable. They contain no toxic substances and are
therefore not only friendly to our health but also to the environment.
ESSENS Home Clean products are developed to be dermatologically safe so the skin is not damaged
in the case of accidental contact or inadequate rinse of detergents from the fabric.
ESSENS Home Clean products do not contain any ingredients of animal origin, including dyes,
silicones or proteins. At the same time, they have not been tested on animals at any stage
of production.


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ESSENS HOME PERFUME • An elegant aroma diffuser for every interior • Lasting for up to 8 weeks and covering an area of 20m2 • Aroma diffusers are easy to use by simply turning the rattan reeds over from time to time • Pure natural essential oils are ideal for creating a pleasant and constant aroma with no harmful substances being released into the air • The rattan reeds release the aroma with optimal intensity so it never feels overpowering • Available as a complete set including 200 ml of fragrance, a glass diffuser, and eight rattan reeds or as an individual refill 150 ml bottleESSENS HOME CLEAN Detergents play an important role in modern society. They deliver hygienic cleanliness and are so very important to everyone‘s health. The ESSENS Home Clean product line is very safe and consists of highly concentrated products and those that are ready to use.CLEAN HOME = HEALTH AND COMFORT The complete range has been developed based on the latest trends with the help of state-of-the-art technology and leading experts in its field. The greatest emphasis was placed on the maximum safety of all products and their convenient use by the consumer. All stages of production are subject to the highest level of control in accordance with applicable European Union standards, which provide ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 quality certificates.ESSENS HOME CLEAN PRODUCTS ARE AMONG THE SAFEST PRODUCTS WITH THE BEST QUALITY OF THEIR KIND ON THE WORLD MARKETHigh efficacy is achieved by suitably selected components in the best possible ratio, which are environmentally friendly since they are biodegradable. Practical packaging of concentrates in square liter bottles saves not only the wallet but also the storage space in the house. Carefully selected accessories ensure easy handling. The dispenser pump, available separately, is designed to release 3 ml of fluid volume at a time and maximizes the measurement of the recommended dosage of all concentrated products. A 500 ml dilution bottle with a mechanical mist of foam spray is an optimal tool for diluting concentrates to the recommended density for immediate use. In order to avoid confusion of diluted products, we also offer a set of labels, sold separately, suitable for use on dilution bottles.


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