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Pharmacy products. Successively depositing several layers with different contents of active substances, the dissolution of the tablet is optimally timed, which leads to revolutionary effects that can be very difficult to achieve through conventional methods.

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FOOD SUPPLEMENTS CONTAINING THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE QUALITY OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS • Developed and manufactured under pharmaceutical supervision in the Czech Republic • Production is subject to GMP certification under the auspices of WHO – (the World Health Organization) and HACCP certification – (hazard analysis and critical control points determination) and under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture according to EU directives • Active substances are obtained exclusively from natural sources • Used materials are not prepared by chemical method • Products are not tested on animals • Products do not contain sugar, gluten nor lactose, are made from plant material, are completely safe and non-addictive HI-TECH PRODUCTION – TOP REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGICAL PROCESSES: • Micronization – is a method by which pharmaceuticals, natural substances, vitamins, and minerals increase their bioavailability. It is the progressive reduction of raw material to a particle size of several micrometers. The resulting substance, thanks to its larger molecular the surface creates conditions for the improvement and acceleration of dissolution in the body and ultimately, a higher efficiency food supplement. • Inhibition of enzymes – a process that results in the reduced activity of enzymes – proteins produced by living organisms that act as a catalyst to bring about many biological processes. Slowing the activity of enzymes leads to an ideal dissolution time of the tablet, natural ingredients pepper, and curcumin perform this function perfectly. • Multilayer coating of a tablet/pellet – is a unique technology which first appeared on the world market for the


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